Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer


Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

Motorized jib cranes are available in the Free Standing, Wall Cantilever, Wall Bracket, and Mast Type Series. Retrofit Motorized kits for Free Standing jibs are also available.

Motorized jibs are totally conceived as motorized products, with all the outstanding features of our standard jibs, plus these:

• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are standard on all Motorized jib Cranes. The drive can be configured for single and multiple speeds.

• Precision drive assembly with field adjustable torque limiter for added drive protection.

• Worm gear reducer with bath oil lubrication for reliable operation, and low maintenance.

• Totally enclosed, fan cooled, 3 phase Class B, 40C ambient continuous, "C" faced motor, 30 minute rated, is standard.

• Direct drive for all series of jib cranes allow for accurate and consistent positioning of loads. This modular drive design makes maintenance easy and reduces long term costs.

• Wall Cantilever and Mast Type masts are boxed for extra rigidity to withstand the forces of a Motorized Crane and provide more precise load control.

Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

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