Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer


Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

Tarca® Rail
Tarca® Track features specially rolled high-carbon alloy steel rail with raised treads welded to a steel flange and web.
Tarca® is designed to provide maximum spanning capability for heavy loads while minimizing the weight of required material. Its material properties resist peening and assure a longer operating life than ordinary track designs.

Carriers (Trolleys)
Cleveland Tramrail carriers provide the connection between the lifting device and the bridge. Our carriers are designed for years of peak performance:

• The wheel base is proportioned for smooth, vibration-free carrier operation.

Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

• Swiveling yoke provides unmatched performance through curves and switches on monorail systems, contributing to longer track life.

• Precision manufacturing and specially designed wheels assure consistent wheel to rail contact.

• The extensive variety of our carriers provides endless flexibility to tackle any application.

• The manually driven carriers are also available.

Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

Motorized Drives
Cleveland Tramrail's drives motorize the travel of carriers and end trucks. We offer:

• A gear driven drive, the best choice for most applications

• A belt driven drive designed to be a lower cost alternative to the gear driven drive

• A tractor driven drive for specialty systems, such as pulling loads up a slope or for use in wet conditions.

Our drives were specially designed to make them long wearing and easy to service.

• Guide rollers equipped with anti-friction bearings align wheels on track for easy movement

• Split frame construction for easy removal and reinstallation

Hanger Assemblies
Our hanger assemblies provide a connection between the Tarca® track and structural support..

• Our hanger rods are made of high-quality steel with cold-rolled steel threads.

• Adjusting clamp fits a range of flanges

• Ball and socket design compensates for structural shift

Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

• Teflon® coated chair washers provide durable, long lasting performance

Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

End Trucks
End truck with drive for motorized travel on runway
Cleveland Tramrail end trucks provide the connection between the bridge and runway. These rugged end trucks give you smooth, easy travel with little or no maintenance.
One advantage of our end trucks are their wheels. While other manufacturers have fixed wheels on their end trucks, our articulating wheels allow for irregularities in track and runways. End trucks can also be manually driven.

SAFPOWRBAR® Electrification (Brackets, Collector Shoe and Bar)
Cleveland Tramrail SAFPOWRBAR® Electrification is used to deliver electric power to drive and hoists. This rugged, durable system is made to perform in the most demanding applications and environments.

• Inverted U-shaped conductor bars enclosed by flame resistant insulated covers

• Fiberglass molded insulators for double insulation, making them safer and more efficient
Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer

• Sliding current collector shoes inside the bars make positive, continuous contact with three surfaces of the bar no longer life and easier maintenance.

This bar is UL approved and perfect for bridge and monorail systems. It provides unmatched performance in complex monorail systems that involve switches and curves.

Thomas M Brown Inc

End Stop
End stops are required and must be provided at the ends of the carrier or trolley travel and at the end of crane travel on runways.

Our end stops are unique in that they strike the end of the load bar, rather than the wheels. This prevents the wheels from absorbing the force of the load and reduces the areas of wear.

We offer standard wheel end stops for lighter applications and rubber, spring or hydraulic bumpers for higher speed conditions.

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