Thomas M Brown Crane Manufacturer


1. Our Interlocks give you safe, smooth crane to crane transfers. A real advantage is the automatic latch which is preset by use of a pull chain. This causes an interlock to snap into action immediately upon reaching the transfer point. The latch engages solidly and both sets of safety forks swing up simultaneously. No time is lost trying to jockey the cranes into position. Available for manual and motor operation.

. Monorail curves offer flexible layout options. We supply Tarca® curves to complete the layout of a tramrail system. Our curves are cold-formed from standard Tarca® track. We can accommodate your needs for overhangs, degree of curve, radii, undercut ends, standard switch ends and coupling drillings in web.

3. Our heavy duty switches stand up to even the toughest applications. Our rolled gliding switches guide loaded carriers from one overhead track to another. We make our switches with accurate curve bending and careful fitting so you get precise alignment and smooth operation.

Our switches are the heaviest duty switches made. They are built from high grade rolled steel to stand up to tough environments like foundries, where prolonged exposure to sand and grit can ruinn other equipment.

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